Facts You Need To Know Before Visiting the UK

Facts You Need To Know Before Visiting the UK

The UK is a pretty diverse country for the wanderlusts to explore at any time of the year. There is no bad time to visit the UK since the summers are unpredictable while the winters aren’t extreme. With so many cities and towns, exceptional castles and delicious cheeses, there is a long list of reasons why you must visit the UK. To get more discount for your vacation in UK visit Dealvoucherz.co.uk

The UK, Great Britain and the British Isles aren’t the same.

A lot of people do not know the difference between the UK and Great Britain. To make it simpler, the United Kingdom is a country with four smaller countries namely England, Scotland, and Wales Northern Ireland. Of these, the first three are within the topography of Great Britain. The two islands, i.e. Ireland and Northern Ireland make up the British Isles.

They have shed loads of UNESCO World heritage sites

Lucky as it gets, the UK has 31 World heritage sites like Royal Botanic Gardens, City of Bath, Heart of Neolithic Orkney, Stonehenge, etc. The stunning part is that all the sites are accessible and widespread in the UK. Look up the map, and you’ll know how piqued is the UK.

Queuing is an Olympic sport

The UK has mastered the art of a correct queue. You’ll see every individual walking in a queue even when there’s no line. It is followed religiously by everyone and works out well with charm until someone decided to push in! So, when in the UK, queuing is mandatory.

Wales is much more than sheep and Tom Jones

Wales is home to the furry sheep and has Tom Jones, but there’s so much to see other than the postcard pictures on social media. Wales is a country filled with rugged coastlines and picturesque mountain parks and Celtic culture. The country has a range of environmental activities, all a combination of a memorable holiday. Wales has so much to offer along with a welcoming and pleasing aura.  Take a look at ‘Fun Family Things to do in Wales’.

Accents are hugely different.

Facts You Need To Know Before Visiting the UK

The UK is a diverse country with a broad and far-reaching range of languages and accents changing just a few miles apart. You’ll see a vast difference between 2 hours travel from Bristol to Liverpool. Welsh, Geordie, Cockney, Mancunian, Liverpudlian, Glaswegian and more to name! The accents are much more uniques to the local area and lovely to hear.

Our countryside scenery is stunning

The Uk is blessed with beautiful cities while it is fortunate to have a head-turning countryside view. There are so many natural sights to visit once in a lifetime. From Fingal’s cave to Lulworth Cove and the Giant’s Causeway, there are infinite picturesque landscapes that please the eye of an aficionado.

They have huge castles like the fairytales.

The UK has a bunch of castles that date back thousands and thousands of years. With so many beautiful architectural castles to see, it is unfair and confusing to pick the best ones on a trip to the UK. You’d be amazed to see the fairytale villas live in front of your eyes. /it’s almost like you’ve visited Hogwarts or you’re one of the Disney princesses in their castle of dreams.

The weather is a Pandora box

The weather in the UK is entirely unforeseeable and dubious. You’ll see people surprised all the time- when it’s sunny or rainy or snowy! The weather has it’s own mind and will and is always up to sabotage a good picnic. The nightmare begins if you have no umbrella.

Trains get delayed

The network of trains in the UK is vast and chances of delay are higher. If you’ve ever witnessed the rush in trains with squeezed humans, you might as well know the pain of a delayed train. That’s how they moan about the delay! You can only expect the worst on a Monday morning rush-hour.

The epic traditions

The UK has many traditions to try like the British Morris Dancing in summer where the peasants would dance the evening away (history my friend) or the English Cheese ROlling in Spring at Coopers Hill. The strangest one is the Welsh Bog Snorkelling. All these traditions are fun and cheerful with a tint of history behind them.